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Chung Tian Buddhist Temple  - Rochedale South

Rochedale South Landmarks: 
Underwood Park  - Lying at the eastern end of Underwood Road and forming part of the boundary between Rochedale South and the suburb of Priestdale, Underwood Park is a sprawling complex of football grounds, BMX track, clubhouses, Girl Guides, playgrounds, walking tracks and lagoons. Many varieties of wildlife live in the Park's vicinity from carpet snakes to possums, wallabies and many wild fowl which live on the lagoons. A boardwalk runs around the main lagoon and has picnic areas with BBQ's, for visitors. Photos below show Top - Underwood Park lagoons, Bottom - Funderwood Hollow, left and Logan City BMX track, right.

Lagoon at Underwood Park
Lagoon at Underwood Park
Funerwood Hollow, Underwood Park
Logan City BMX track, Underwood Park

Chung Tian Buddhist Temple -  Construction began in January 1991 and the temple was opened in June 1993. It is a non-profit organization of Fokuangshan Buddhist Order. Bestowed by Venerable Master Hsing Yun with the name Chung Tian, or literally "central heaven"  the temple is situated at the end of Underwood Road and is just outside the suburb of Rochedale South, in the suburb of Priestdale. It is surrounded by parklands and state forest. Chung Tian Temple plays not only the role of exchanging ideas between Eastern and Western cultures, but also of promoting Dharma, spiritual, charitable and various multi-cultural activities in Australia.

The Temple has become an educational and tourist center, overseas visitors, impressed by the well-founded organisation, praise Australia for its multicultural approach which is a successful model for the rest of the world. The temple welcomes all visitors between 9am and 5pm everyday.

Buddhist presence in Queensland can be traced back one hundred years. However, not until the successful completion of the Temple, that local Buddhists could deepen their practice in such a joyful and serene environment. Chung Tian fulfills what had been a spiritual void for Queensland's Asian residents. It also addresses the growing interest in educating others about Eastern culture through the Buddhist tradition, and likewise reflects the multiculturalism encouraged by Australia's government. The palace-style complex also adds Chinese architectural heritage to Australia. 

Chung Tian Buddhist Temple  - Rochedale South
Chung Tian Buddhist Temple  - Rochedale South

Graham Hogg Park - Just a small park in Underwood Rd past the lights at the corner of Rochedale and Underwood Roads, but important for the history attached to it. Formery known as Pitt's Place, the land that makes up Graham Hogg Park was once part of acreage that was owned by the Pittendreigh family.  Mervyn bought  the army hut and moved it from Holland Park to  Underwood  Road in 1950 when he was 21 years old.   He (Mervyn) and June moved into it in March 1951, when the eldest sister Gail was 3 months old. It was the first home for the 6 girls that followed, Brothers Peter and John were born after they moved around the corner to an adjoining lot that Mervyn bought in Rochedale Road.  All the Pittendreigh children went to Rochedale State School.


Mervyn cleared that land of trees on his own.  Cutting them down, digging up and burning out stumps in his spare time while working as a carpenter trying to provide for a rapidly growing family.  He thought of every way possible to save and earn money, established crops of vegetables and fruit as well as running cows, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs and bees. Locals used to drop in for a cup of tea and some fresh produce while waiting at the nearby bus stop. That little army hut housed the family of 9,  but he managed to make enough money to buy the land at 886 Rochedale Rd. Mervyn then bought another larger house (an old Queenslander), moved it from Coorparoo to 886 and  renovated it to add a couple more rooms.   He also bought the corner lot where they kept a few sheep and which he filled until more level,  later selling it to Total Oil. 

The park came into being in 1989 and was originally known as Mango Park but was renamed Graham Hogg Park in 1993 after Graham Hogg who was a local real estate agent in the early days. He also helped establish Rochedale Rovers at Underwood Park.

Graham Hogg Park
Sign in Graham Hogg Park

Physical Landmarks:
Rochedale South - Rochedale South is an area of ridges and gullies to the east of Rochedale, with Priests Gully  being the main landmark. Father Enright, who was the Catholic Priest in Beaudesert from 1884,  became lost on his way to visit the Roche family. He was found in this gully that was later named Priests Gully. Whether it was named after this priest or a local family named Priest has not been discovered. Today Priests Gully is still much as it was back then, running along the boundary of Underwood Park and crossed by Priestdale Road. 

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Priests Gully
Priests Gully
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