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Town houses at Rochedale Estates

Cultural Diversity:
The suburbs of Rochedale and Rochedale South are part of the electorate of Mansfield which also include Burbank, part of Eight Mile Plains,  Macgregor, Mackenzie, Mansfield, Sheldon, Upper Mt Gravatt and Wishart. The electorate was created in the 1971 redistribution mainly from the former seat of Mt Gravatt. In 1991 the seat expanded east to take in the suburbs of Chandler and Burbank which were previously part of the abolished electorate of Redlands. A redistribution of Queensland State electoral boundaries to cater for population changes was published on July 7, 1999. These boundaries took effect at the February 17, 2001, State election. The name 'Mansfield' was first announced in the Queensland Government Gazette on April 15, 1967.  The name 'Mansfield' came from the then Governor of Queensland, Sir Alan Mansfield, consented to having one of the new suburbs named after him. Sir Alan once lived in the Mt Gravatt area.

Rochedale Statistics:
In the 1996 Census, there were 641 males and 668 females totaling 1 309 people living in the suburb of Rochedale. There were 516
males and 565 females aged 15 years or over. There were 5 people of Aboriginal descent and no Torres Strait Islanders. This is significantly less than the Brisbane numbers which are around 1.2% of the population. 933 people were born in Australia with 115 born in overseas countries like Canada, Ireland, NZ, South Africa, UK and USA and 170 born elsewhere like Asia.


1 014 people spoke English only and 148 spoke another language. 1 150 were Australian citizens. Only 33 people were unemployed with 586 in the labour force. 739 people had been at the same address for 5 years or more.


By contrast, in the 2016 census there were 6 323 people living in Rochedale, with 49.3% being males and 50.7% females. The median age is 35 years and there are 2 424 private dwellings!! Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 0.7% of the population.

Rochedale - The suburb of Rochedale until a few years ago, was still mainly populated by a few families on large blocks. These families are still in some cases, descendants of the original settlers in the area. With the building of the Brisbane Landfill in Gardiner Road, many residents were afraid that the value of property along the road near the landfill would decrease and that noise and air pollution near the site would increase. Residents made numerous complaints about environmental matters, dust and noise concerns but the biggest concern was smell, as the council had sought to have the licence prohibiting noxious and offensive odours beyond the boundary of the dump, extended. Picture on left, farming in Rochedale, on right, Brisbane Landfill. 

Farm at Rochedale
Brisbane Landfill at Rochedale

In 2002, large parcels of land along Rochedale Road were offered for sale, and subdivision of these parcels was forecast for the near future. Developers have also purchased land along Miles-Platting and Gardiner Roads for future housing development.  In 2007, a Land Sales Office was opened in Gardiner Rd and building commenced in 2 estates along Gardner Rd. This has seen a tremendous influx of families to smaller allotments in this subdivision, with more planned for the future. Photos below - Some of the new houses in the Rochedale Estates.

Houses at Rochedale Estates
Houses at Rochedale Estates
Houses at Rochedale Estates
Houses at Rochedale Estates

There has also been a gradual change in the origins of its residents, with several of the farms being leased or bought by people from South-East Asia moving in to grow a variety of market garden crops.

There are several large mansions in the Rochedale area. The large "Palmer" residence along Rochedale Road was auctioned for 3.5million dollars in 2012, an extremely low price reflecting the economic climate of the time.

Rochedale was a unique suburb being so close to the city centre, yet having such a small population and being a small piece of the country with its farms, pony club, hatchery and nurseries, right on the city's doorstep. It is easily accessible to both the South-East Freeway and Gateway Motorways. There were no shopping centres in the suburb but residents had easy access to the Garden City Complex a few minutes away. A shopping centre has been built on the corner of Gardiner and Miles Platting Roads to service the new estates. Photo on the right is the "Palmer" mansion. Left: the other huge mansion next door. 

Other mansion at Rochedale
Palmer mansion at Rochedale

Rochedale South:
Rochedale South Statistics:
In the 1996 Census, there were 7 761 males and 7 911 females living in Rochedale South totaling 15 672 people. There  were 5 969 males and 6 151 females aged over 15 years of age, with 108 Aboriginal people, 8 Torres Strait Islanders and 3 both.  11 741 were born in Australia with 3 523 people born in overseas countries like Canada, Ireland, NZ, South Africa, UK and USA.


13 158 people spoke English only, while 1 156 spoke a language other than English and there were 13 930 Australian citizens. 596 were unemployed and 8 698 were in the labour force. 8 063 people had been at the same address for 5 years or more.


In the 2016 census, there were a total of 15 452 people living in Rochedale with 48.8% being males and 51.2% females.  The median age is 36 years. There were 5 844 private dwellings. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 1.6% of the population.

Rochedale South consists of mainly residential properties, occupied by middle to low income families, varying in ages from older couples with grown up families to families with young children and single unit dwellers. Some second generation families live in the area and schools like Rochedale State school have the children of parents who themselves attended the school. There are some larger blocks but most are around 24 perches. Some of the larger blocks have been subdivided into smaller blocks contaning around 4 houses. Houses are a combination of high and low set, mainly brick veneer with a scattering of weatherboard houses among them. There are several unit or town house complexes close to Rochedale and Underwood Roads and the area is well serviced by shopping centres in Underwood Road at Strathlands and Centre Place.

In the 1980's, the Government decided to trial an integration of Housing Commission houses amongst the residences with whole streets in the area west of Glengala Drive through to Woodlands Drive, being built with Housing Commission homes. Although built of mainly brick to blend in better, they are still of the distinctive Housing Commission style and many residents at that time were not happy with the Government's move. This also resulted in more single parent families becoming part of the suburb and a bigger diversity of cultures. Photos below show left, typical street in Rochedale South, and right a view across Rochedale South from Underwood Park. 

Rochedale South from Underwood Park

Various religions are catered for with Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran churches and an Islamic Mosque at Eight Mile Plains at which around 400 families from around the nearby areas worship regularly. Construction on the Chung Tian Buddhist Temple began in January 1991 and it was opened in June 1993.The temple is situated at the end of Underwood Road and is just outside the suburb of Rochedale South, in the suburb of Priestdale. It is surrounded by parklands and state forest. The Temple has become an educational and tourist center. This temple caters for the growing Asian population of both Rochedale and other suburbs close by. 

Chung Tian Buddhist Temple
Chung Tian Buddhist Temple
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